Brand Marketing

Austin Business Consulting offers guidance to help create a brand strategy for its clients.  Our approach is to have a thorough understanding of your business objectives and make sure they align well with your brand building strategy.  We offer creative tools to communicate your brand such as website development, logo generation, slogan generation, idea generation, etc.  We offer guidance to what channel is most cost effective in communicating your brand.  Our measurement tools assess your brand on a continuous basis to monitor the strength of your brand.


Assessing your brand

How Strong is your Brand?  We perform a comprehensive brand Audit of your firm.  Our measurement tools take a look at every aspect of your business:  Social media data, web analytical data, sales data, surveys filled out by high valued customers, competitor data, and much more.  Our team organizes the results into simple graphs and tables that are insightful, comprehensive, and comprehendible.

Building an appealing brand identity

Our approach to building an appealing brand identity is to analyze whether your product/service is well received by your target audience. Our goal is to make sure that your product/service provides a consistent positive message which projects your corporate culture in the eyes of your client.  We collaborate with you very closely to make sure your brand image resonates with your target audience.  

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Brand Positioning

Using proactive innovative digital tools, our goal is to help you create a unique impression in the customer's mind so that the customer associates something specific and desirable with your brand that is distinct from the rest of the marketplace.  We want to help you own a marketing niche for your brand by using cutting edge technology and strategies that will positively influence your customers decision making.