Content Writing

Effective website copy flows naturally and helps the reader in their decision-making process through a combination of information and emotion. These tips can help you create website copy that is moving and memorable without being lengthy or elaborate.


Tell your story

The human element can factor strongly into a consumer’s decisions, and everyone loves a good story. A website is often the first point of contact, so use it to build a relationship by telling the story of who, what, when, where and why. Write professionally, but don’t be afraid to add character and emotion so readers can see the human behind the curtain.


seduce your readers

Determine what the customer will consider is the most valuable thing about your topic. This is the aim of your article – the way the product or service you’re selling benefits the customer. Nothing else matters – neither the product itself, nor the service. People want to know how they will benefit. How can your content, service or product make them happier? Think of their values, too. Focus on the customer, and bring to the table all the benefits of what you’re offering. Forget about bland descriptions of features. Turn every feature into a benefit for your reader.


keep it simple

Separating the most vital information on a page into boxes and headers showcases the content that is most likely to sell them on your products and services.

Your copy needs to be original. People won’t read something they’ve already seen before somewhere else. You need to deliver a fresh piece of content, to share a new, unique and accessible point of view. No matter what you write about – a fresh look always wins. Always give your readers something new to learn about. They’ll be grateful.